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"The Daily Goals Tool Kit is an amazing resource that provided me with the clarity and focus I needed to grow my business and build my client base!  With Andrew's expert guidance and positive reinforcement, the Tool Kit gave me exercises and guidelines that helped me shape the right goals and get the right mindset to succeed.  If you are ready to go to the next level in your life or business, Andrew is the Goals Coach for you!"


Andrala Walker, Managing Director

A Walker Consulting Group


FACT: An overwhelming number of people who set goals fail to reach them.

Introducing a resource filled with exercises and tools to help you gain clarity, focus, and energy while maintaining a positive expectant attitude as you work toward transforming your goals and dreams into reality.

"There are some books written for learning and others for doing.  The Daily Goals Tool Kit was written for learning by way of doing."
Andrew Morgan

Filled with an array of examples, exercises, guidelines, and visuals, The tool kit provides everything you need to reach your big goals a little or a lot every day.  

 The exercises contained within will help you to:

• Reach your goals faster

• Start your day with passion, purpose, and poise

• Develop an unstoppable positive mindset all day, every day

• Feel a greater sense of accomplishment everyday

• Increase your self-confidence

• Increase your clarity-of-purpose

• Increase your focus by eliminating distractions

• Increase your motivation

• Increase your energy level

• Do more of what matters most


L. Andrew Morgan
The Goals Coach

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Andrew has been teaching and speaking on the topic of personal development and peak performance for more than 15 years. He develops and delivers workshops and seminars to corporate audiences, entrepreneurs, adults and young adults. Seminars such as:
A Course in Boosting Mental Toughness and Increasing Personal Effectiveness

The Fearless Achiever
Seven Keys to and Unstoppable You

Living Your Life Without Limits

Inside the N.B.A. (Natural Born Achiever)

Marble Management
An Uncommon Approach to Managing Time
Andrew has authored and developed a number of tools to help achievers find the clarity and focus needed to produce the outcomes they desire.

Daily Goals Tool Kit

101+ Quick Tips to Reach Your Goals

Life Motion Study

Daily Journals

Andrew is known as The Goals Coach by coaching clients, seminar participants and more than 214,000 people around the world who receive his insightful messages daily. He has dedicated his life to helping individuals and teams produce the personal and professional outcomes they desire.

Andrew is a part of the international community of coaches via membership in both the International Association of Coaching (IAC) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF). As a member, Andrew is committed to the highest ethical, professional, and business standards found in coaching today and abides by the *Ethical Principles and Code of Ethics as stated by both organizations.

Andrew is the former host of Your Life Without Limits a sponsored television segment that aired weekly during Washington DC's News Channel 8 Let's Talk Live talk show and can be seen online today. He is also the former co-host of the award winning radio show Rightsizing Your Home which was heard weekly on Washington DC's 630AM WMAL.

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